About Us


Located in Silicon Valley, Gagner-Toomey Associates (GTA) is on the front lines of the technology revolution, helping innovative start-ups to global leaders bring advanced, disruptive technologies to market. 

This dynamic market demands we constantly recognize and anticipate the needs of existing and new clients alike.  By providing a conduit of information to and from our principals and clients, GTA ensures that our principals are able to deliver the right solutions for today and tomorrow. 

As we watch our future unfold before our eyes, we enthusiastically embrace our role in helping to change the world and bring results faster than imagined.

Over the course of 30 years in business, Gagner-Toomey’s expertise has grown and evolved to include cooling technologies, reliable interconnect hardware, advanced power and EMI components/subsystems, and a variety of electromechanical solutions. 

Our knowledge, experience and an eagerness to help clients is the reason why we command the respect of engineers, global supply managers and procurement specialists throughout our customer base. 

In summary, we are entirely focused on providing the electronics community all around us with technical expertise, problem-solving capabilities and fast, personal service.

Company Profile

Gagner-Toomey Associates is a professional sales organization operating in Northern California and Nevada.  GTA represents a portfolio of exceptional manufacturers offering a broad array of electronics cooling, power, timing, RF, interconnect and electromechanical solutions.  Our sales consultants are specialists in each of these categories, and with decades of combined sales experience we know how to listen to your needs and guide you to products and services that will:

  • Improve system performance
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Maximize value

In addition to matching the best solutions to your design criteria, our staff will support the on-going delivery of those products and services to you and your manufacturing partners.  

Knowledgeable, reliable, fast and personal customer support are our greatest strengths.  We will strive to consistently “wow” you with our responsiveness and attention to detail.  This is not just a sales strategy; exceptional customer support is a part of our DNA and culture. No matter your size, if you design or build electronics systems, we stand ready to serve your needs.

Markets We Serve

GTA serves a diverse set of businesses in the following markets:  Telecom, Networking, IT/Data Center, Storage, Wireless, Automotive/Transportation, IoT, Robotics, Medical and Test & Measurement Equipment, and Consumer Products. 

Experience is the key to our success in each of these markets.  With a sales staff that boasts an average tenure of 20+ years, we attribute our exceptional sales record to:

  • Deep understanding of each industry’s needs
  • Knowledge of the product solutions that fit each market
  • Long-term relationships with the companies and people

Whether you are working for a fortune 500 company or a 5 person start-up, we are eager to learn how we can help you succeed.  Because we represent product solutions that can be used on just about any electronics board or system level design, we can be a valuable resource to nearly all designers of electronics hardware.

Sales Territories Covered

Gagner-Toomey Associates supports customers throughout Northern California and Nevada.  This territory is defined by our industry association, the Electronics Representatives Association (ERA). 

Within this defined territory, GTA is the exclusive sales and marketing team for each of the manufacturers we represent.