Sales Professionals Working to Make You Successful

Since 1981, Gagner-Toomey Assoc (GTA) has consistently served Northern California’s technology markets with leading edge thermal, power and electro-mechanical solutions. 

Why Choose GTA

Experience, synergy and a dynamic culture make the difference. GTA’s greatest value to prospective principals is the synergy of our line card and our deep customer relationships. Why does this matter? Our sales professionals have access to key decision makers within a broad and diversified customer base, who recognize and respect our ability to help them solve problems. If your products and services provide solutions that our customers will value, we will succeed together. We encourage you to look closely at how we are different.

Our sales team has combined industry experience of over 150 years, providing the stability and experience that manufacturers demand for top results.



We offer a limited number of lines focused on thermal, power, RF, Interconnect and electromechanical solutions.



Our corporate culture respects and values the time and needs of our customers and principals.



Experience a consultative approach by a highly experienced, entrepreneurial team that is curious and motivated.


Attention to Detail

Using automated tools to help manage the sales cycle and opportunity funnel.


Embracing Online Tools

Improves the quality and depth of our customer contacts.


Selling 'Value Add'

We look hard for opportunities to increase the revenue and profits of each sale.


Distribution Makes Us Big

Strong relationships with Northern California’s top distributors provide access to over 125 distribution sales reps and their valuable customer contacts.

Join a Winning Team

By hiring GTA, you get a team of experienced, motivated, professional salespeople excited to help you grow your company’s revenue and profits. 

Our culture is dynamic and flexible, meaning that we always strive to provide our customers and principals with the very best long-term results. 

To achieve shared goals, our philosophy emphasizes teamwork and great communication every step of the way. 

Before selecting your next sales organization, we invite you to speak to our customers and principals to learn more about our people, culture and work ethic.   

Our Customers

We enjoy close relationships with a large and diverse customer base.  Mechanical, thermal, power, RF  and system engineers all depend upon our expertise and professional support to provide them with innovative solutions offering great value. 

Our customer base spans diverse industries, including Telecom, Networking, IT/Data Center, Storage, Wireless, Automotive/Transportation, IoT, Robotics, Medical and Test & Measurement Equipment, and Consumer Products. 

If these are your customers, GTA will be a great fit. 

GTA has been the best rep in the North American fan business for many years.


Dir. Global Sales & Marketing, Fan and Thermal Management BU, Delta Products Corp.

Using Technology to Enhance Your Success

Using IT tools for opportunity tracking, funnel management, and sales reporting are fundamental to our achievement of consistent, on-going growth.  Being organized and paying attention to the small details are what define the best sales organizations.  We embrace those tools that help us stand apart.

RPMS is a software program specifically designed to manage the business of manufacturer’s representatives, like GTA. This software tracks our orders, shipments, customer sales detail and many more facets of our business. We take advantage of the detailed information this tool provides for optimizing our future sales efforts.