Our Products

High-performance, cost-effective electronics components for any industry.

Connectors and Cables

World Class Provider of interconnect solutions for over 25 years and industry leader in filtered and sealed connectors

  • Board to Board Interconnect Featuring DIN41617, Compact PCI and ATCA Interconnect
  • IP67 Sealed Connector Systems
  • Board to Board Interconnect Featuring DIN41617, Compact PCI and ATCA Interconnect
  • Fiber Optic and RF Connectors

Fiber Assemblies:  Patchcords, Jumpers and Specialty Breakout Cables

  • ODVA IP67 LC Duplex Harsh Environment Fiber Assemblies
  • Hybrid Fiber Optic Camera and Broadcast Cable Assemblies
  • Fiber Adapters, Adapter Plates and Attenuators
  • Fiber Rack and Wall Mount Patch Panels
  • Fiber Polishing Accessories
  • IP67 RJ45 Harsh Environment Cable Assemblies


Fans and Blowers

World’s largest manufacturer of standard and custom air-movers for cooling used in Electronics, Automotive/Transportation, Telecom/IT, Energy, Consumer and Industrial applications.

  • Optimized for performance, efficiency and low noise
  • IP protection available in most models upon request
  • Broad product line of DC input Tube Axial fans, sizes from 15 – 280mm
  • Complete portfolio of DC input Centrifugal Blowers, sizes from 15 – 225mm
  • EC fans and blowers ranging in size from 120-910mm
  • Miniature blower/fan solutions for consumer applications and tiny space cooling. Standard and custom designs starting from 15x3mm sizes

Thermal Management Products

World’s largest provider of thermal management solutions for electronics cooling. Our portfolio of standard and custom solutions includes the following:

  • Extruded AL heatsinks
  • Copper-based and full copper heat sinks
  • Heat sinks with embedded heat pipes
  • Vapor chambers
  • Cold plates
  • Open and closed liquid cooling solutions
  • Integrated, custom cooling solutions (fan/blower, heat pipe, radiator)
  • CPU coolers

Electromechanical Components



  • Wide range of AC and DC voltages input
  • Flexible input with duty cycle, continuous or intermittent
  • Over 100 standard parts stock locally ready to ship out next day
  • Facility certified with quality management IATF 16969 standard
  • Products compliant with Automotive Standard SAE and VDA
  • Open frame, Tubular and Latching type


  • Solenoid pump up to 16 Bar for espresso machine
  • Rotary Boost pump with DC Brushless motor and EMI suppression circuit
  • PWM for control precision pumping
  • NSF and WSAS material available
  • Low noise operation

Power & EMI

Delta Power Supplies

  • Industry, global leader in power conversion products and systems
  • DC/DC converters
  • Standard, modified and custom server power supplies
  • Standard, modified and custom medical power supplies
  • Standard, modified and custom industrial power supplies

AC Line Filters / IEC Power Entry Modules

Complete line of RFI/EMI Filters. IEC 320/CEE-22 AC Power entry plugs and receptacles available with EMI filter, switch, fuse and voltage selector